Mobile treatment products expand Midmark's ecosystem

Midmark and Design Central have collaborated to develop products for the clinical space for more than 20 years. Midmark's customers needed a solution to keep supplies at the point of care, with efficient organization to enable caregivers to focus less on finding tools, and maximize time spent with patients. Midmark asked Design Central to bring its knowledge of Midmark's clinical ecosystem and manufacturing process to develop a line of mobile treatment products for the exam space. The Synthesis line of carts and cabinets integrates into the clinical space, is ergonomically suitable for all users, and functionally adapts to any procedure room.

  • Midmark Corporation
  • Healthcare
  • Research
  • Product Design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping

Objective: Develop a mobile treatment line with expressive functionality and inviting touchpoints to expand Midmark's Ecosystem

User needs define opportunities

Midmark's goal is to make work easier and more efficient for the caregiver. To understand how caregivers organize and find supplies in the treatment room, Design Central and Midmark interviewed and observed professionals in the clinical setting. The resulting data revealed information that the team compiled into a matrix of user needs and potential product features such as integrated handles, configurable bins, drawers, and keyless entry.  The matrix fueled an innovation session with Midmark, in which the teams outlined opportunity spaces and product specifications to define the new mobile product system.

Ergonomic design accommodates widest range of users

Developing accessible products for the widest range of users is the focus of Midmark and the design team. When creating workflow storyboards and use scenarios, the designers considered tip stability, weight reduction, and more. To design features for market differentiation, they looked back to caregivers' feedback and incorporated details such as work surfaces with enhanced grip areas, stackable storage bins with multi-purpose lids to keep supplies safe, and an integrated handle to accommodate all user heights. Paired with a customization strategy, the cabinets and mobile carts offer flexible use approaches to answer clinicians' calls for more versatile and customizable products that encourage interaction and patient support.

Design and collaboration deliver enhanced patient care

Design Central implemented the design within Midmark’s PDM system, acting as an integrated design development partner to prove feasibility, build prototypes, design accessories, and more. The Synthesis product line includes many customization options, all developed to keep caregivers in the care zone, maximizing face-to-face time with patients, and enhancing patient care. The mobile treatment cabinet is available in two widths, depths, and heights, with accessory options for drawers and work surfaces. The mobile procedure cart offers three widths, drawer and door configurations, plus accessory options.