Nothing replicates a hands-on experience for truly understanding what works.

From quick breadboard mock-ups to final appearance prototypes and fully-functional electro-mechanical systems, our in-house experts create 3D models that bring concepts to life and validate the design development process.

Testing for success

Prototyping is essential for design success. Not just at the end of the development process, but all along the way. The more we test our ideas as we work, the faster we can determine the next steps, refine concepts and be more assured of the outcome. We address challenges early in the process when adjustments aren’t as costly to make.

So many uses

Prototyping allows us to analyze function, appearance, ergonomics, human factors, product viability and the innovation as a whole. Volumetric study models, for example, help our team and clients envision overall scale, mechanical movements or simply test the ergonomics. CNC machined models can test the fit and function of components, while a finished painted prototype can simulate production-like appearances.

The elegant combination of handwork, software, and 3D printing

Today, prototype development is accelerated with technology that speeds the process and extends the possibilities. Volume and form studies, soft goods concepts, functional mock-ups – all play an important role in our design and engineering processes. All these methods are more important to product development than you may realize.

Prototyping services include:

  • Proof-of-concept prototypes
  • Functional models
  • Soft goods prototypes 
  • Appearance models
  • Engineering prototypes
  • Conceptual model development
  • Alpha and beta prototypes
  • Short-run production 
  • Color analysis 
  • Rapid prototyping