Product Design

Insightful, feasible design.
For the future of your customers.
And your brand.

This is about more than big ideas. We combine relevant look and feel, intuitive usability and practical, producible solutions.

We help you create the future

One insightfully designed, finely detailed product at a time. Design Central works with client teams of experts, including researchers, scientists and manufacturing professionals, to identify future possibilities.

The benefit of diverse experiences

Because our work crosses categories (healthcare, housewares and electronics, to name a few), our design teams benefit from exposure to many different disciplines and approaches. That broad perspective goes into every solution we create.


Working as a team matters.

We’ve worked in teams from the beginning, because they make us better. Teams produce more ideas with diverse perspectives, with faster, more complete results. Teams make responding to fast timelines easier, as well. From blue sky exploration to concept sketching to photorealistic 3D rendering, our teams remain aligned throughout the process, so conceptualization is never far from producible results. 

We design meaningful, human-centric products.

We are passionate about people, and just as passionate about solving problems. Design Central teams put in the time to ensure that we understand the people you are connecting with and the problems they need to overcome. With diverse backgrounds in Industrial Design, Ergonomics, User Experience and User Interface, we bring a multi-disciplined approach to each product, service and technology we create.

Our services Include:

  • Product development
  • Human factors design
  • Task and workflow visualization 
  • Human factors development
  • Visual brand language development
  • Concept design development
  • Product packaging development
  • Commercial product development
  • Healthcare product development
  • Consumer product development

"We’re known for designs that actually make it to the market — and are successful. We’ll always spend time understanding design and engineering equally, so the implementation is successful."

Rainer Teufel