Impacting caregiver-patient experience in the clinical environment for over 20 years

Midmark focuses on making a positive difference in the lives they touch by improving the experience between patients and their caregivers. Design Central has collaborated with Midmark for over twenty years to help them become a trusted medical and dental equipment provider.

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In 1998 Midmark needed a development partner to work closely with its marketing and engineering teams to build its brand. Midmark came to Design Central for help because it valued our iterative process of 2D and 3D sketch exploration, soft modeling, human factors assessment and understanding of manufacturing and materials processes. Together with Midmark, we've worked to build a coherent brand strategy to set the Midmark and Ritter product lines apart and to compete successfully in the market.


As an integrated research insights, design and development partner, Design Central supports Midmark in their strategic brand development. With a commitment to understanding the interaction between caregiver and patient, the team pushes to create an environment of workflow efficiency to enhance user experience.


Our relationship with Midmark has been built on the belief that understanding the clinician and patient, their point of view and their needs is most important when designing a product for the healthcare market. A lack of insight into the workflow of the caregiver or the emotions of the patient is often the first point of breakdown in this process. Research revealed the need for more reliable, feature-rich, patient-friendly products in the physician exam rooms and dental suites. Investigating the healthcare environment, including the user and exam room workflow, has become essential as the care exchange moves to EMR. As a result, we've developed the Midmark Ecosystem, giving caregivers a purposeful vitals exam space making Midmark a leading supplier of tools for data integration.


Design Central collaborates with Midmark to develop many products, including the Barrier-Free Examination table and the Elevance Dental Chair. The Design Central team works to evolve the Midmark and Ritter brands by creating consistent visual messages to differentiate the lines aesthetically and functionally in the highly competitive care market. Design Central also works to assist Midmark in developing products that optimize workflow, flexibility, access to patients and enhance the patient experience by improving comfort and reducing anxiety. This has led to an integration of Midmark’s products within the care environment and has taken Midmark from an equipment manufacturer to a complete solution provider in the clinical space.


Midmark and Design Central have worked to create a purposeful vitals exam workflow that is user-friendly and accessible. The use of wireframe concept/feasibility mock-ups, basic home screen “complexity” mock ups, graphic concept and unique screen development, high fidelity concept/refinement, interactive HTML prototypes, design refinement and final design; based on existing control logic and established system architecture or completely new logic, have created user interfaces that are effective, intuitive and improve workflow.