Turn ideas into deliverables—at lightning speed

Zipline is a dynamic Design Central program that hyper-focuses the attention and abilities of your team and ours to turn an idea into a deliverable in as little as two months, start to finish. It’s a strategy shake-up that removes barriers to create movement. The process? It’s three parts: Groundwork, Consumer Connect and The Summit. The result? High-impact outcomes. 

  • Commercial
  • Consumer
  • Healthcare
  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Product Design
  • Prototyping

The process? It’s three parts: Groundwork, Consumer Connect and The Summit. The result? High-impact outcomes.


Armed with decades of combined experience, profound consumer understanding, up-to-the-minute market expertise, and a passion for collaboration, our team dives into your company and your project head first. We call this the Groundwork phase. It’s when we learn, research, create archetypes and personas, and do much more so that by the end of this first phase, we know you—and precisely who we want to target.

Next up? Our Consumer Connect phase. We love humans—being them, knowing them, studying them, and ultimately helping better their lives. During this phase, we tap into your specific audience with our proven research methods. We develop consumer profiles, curate emotional territories based on consumers, and organize a daylong consumer experience. We bring in your target audience to let them interact with the emotional territories, ultimately gleaning important insights into their psyches that we analyze and review with your team.

Finally, we host The Summit. Using critical takeaways from our first two phases, in this third phase, we gather key cross-functional players from our collective teams for a weeklong summit  at an inspired offsite location. Leaving politics at the door, we collaborate on the ultimate creative experience—and leave with a deliverable ready to push forward.


The Zipline process is not just built to go fast; it’s built to go far. In other words, it reaps long-lasting and high-impact results. It sparks movement on ideas that everyone seems to like but nobody can seem to start on. It energizes and aligns teams by pulling together people who are siloed or sometimes physically scattered around the world. It nixes norms and politics, allowing people to think openly, share freely and reimagine possibilities without everyday constraints. It allows teams to journey joyfully, because instead of you planning things, we do it—from finding inspiring spaces to assuring there are proper snacks for every team member, no matter their diet or preference. And it ultimately means you finish projects faster, without sacrificing quality. So, where do you want to go? Zipline can take you there—faster.

Where do you want to go? Design Central's Zipline can take you there—faster.