Positioning Consumer Insight into Actionable Strategy

Burt's Bees has a triple bottom line: people, profit, planet. With responsible ingredients and packaging, they work hard to practice what they preach and set an example for others to follow. When Burt's needed to re-define its positioning on skincare, it came to Design Central. We followed our Zipline process to define a strategy and turn the ideas into actionable deliverables. The collaboration strengthens Burt's Bees product differentiation to enable storytelling across its skincare portfolio with adoptable, sustainable messages. The Truly Glowing line is the first example to be extended across the Burt's Bees skincare brands.

  • Burt's Bees
  • Consumer
  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Product Design
  • Prototyping
  • User Experience

Objective: Create a skincare strategy to enable storytelling across an entire brand

Stakeholders collaborate to identify target consumer

With a focus on Burt's Bees technology (ingredients) and product positioning, designers and client advocates joined together for an insight week to learn, research, create archetypes and personas focused on a message of sustainability and natural ingredients. This Groundwork phase was the basis for understanding the differentiation between key Burt's Bee's products to create its target consumer.

Emotional connections bring valuable feedback

Next, we built customer personas and curated emotional territories for research and spent a day connecting with the target audience. We watched, listened and asked questions as consumers interacted with the research tools, their feedback providing valuable insight for the next steps in strategy development. Simultaneously, guest speakers gave advice about herbology and chefs prepared natural foods to inspire discussion, expand perspectives and shift mindsets around natural skincare.

Consumer feedback drives new strategy

Our designers and key players from Burt's Bees gathered at an off-site location for a week-long Summit to collaborate, create, and deliver an adoptable, sustainable face care strategy that reflected the target consumers' feedback. Design Central reflected the strategy in concept directions for common bottle forms and packaging to extend through Burt's Bees product lines, including the Truly Glowing line. Design Central also developed 3D models of the packaging and mood boards to assist in quantitative research for final design validation.

Positioned for sustainability

The nationwide launch of the Truly Glowing line on e-commerce platforms and in retail outlets is the first step in Burt's Bee's plan toward becoming a sustainable brand. Burts has positioned its brand to continue exploring sustainability options as it plans for the future.

“As always, Design Central has brought their A-game to the project and excelled at crafting these meaningful experiences that take consumer insights and make them tangible for a multifunctional team.” -Cory Fites Associate Design Director, Strategy & Innovation