Capturing attention with innovative displays

Valvoline™ revolutionized the oil change process with the global launch of Restore & Protect, its groundbreaking premium full synthetic motor oil. Unprecedented in its category, this oil prevents future deposit formation and restores pistons to factory clean, eliminating up to 100% of engine-killing deposits. Confident in the product's superiority after conducting 300k miles of testing against an industry qualified GF-6 oil, Valvoline began strategizing a compelling go-to-market approach. Recognizing Design Central's ability to go beyond ad agencies’ capabilities, Valvoline's Global Director of Strategy and Innovation approached our product design and engineering firm to showcase the unique benefits of their highest-performing product.

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Objective: Effectively communicate the key differences in Restore & Protect’s product performance and compatibility.

Unveiling Restore & Protect at the heart of the industry

One of the initial marketing strategies to build excitement for the future launch was to directly connect with major retailers and other key players in the automotive industry. Design Central conceptualized multiple tradeshow display designs to highlight the oil's ingenuity in a crisp, simple, and brand-forward manner. The final design, executed in time for a retailer’s national sales meeting and AAPEX, played a vital educational role in Valvoline's B2B approach, generating anticipation for the Restore & Protect launch.

Simulating carbon buildup effects for optimal storytelling

To sustain excitement, we collaborated with Valvoline Global Operations to create portable piston cases for their sales professionals. These cases, mirroring the tradeshow display's focus, leveraged Design Central's simulation capabilities. Our team creatively replicated carbon buildup effects on real pistons to visually represent test results comparing Restore & Protect usage with other brands. Behind a sleek, clear window, a series of pistons undergoing oil changes over time are displayed, optimally showcasing the one-of-a-kind benefits of Restore & Protect.

In-house expertise and stunning results

As the global launch neared and interest in Restore & Protect grew, we adapted to the evolving needs of the sales team. We developed lightweight cases catering to both the sales and marketing processes for retailers and oil change locations. Fostering a collaborative relationship with Valvoline Global Operations, our teams aligned closely on the case objectives. By utilizing our capabilities and technology, we were able to take Valvoline Global Operations’ insights directly and yet again execute the new design in-house. The skilled use of a CNC machine and UV flatbed printing allowed our team to achieve stunning results for the Valvoline brand.

Valvoline Global Operations’ commitment to excellence and our team’s dedication to pushing creative boundaries have resulted in a compelling narrative for Restore & Protect. The success achieved so far is a testament to the synergy between Valvoline's visionary product and Design Central's innovative displays.