Mechatronics turns complex concepts into achievable tasks

When you have an idea or a process that requires the safety, efficiency and reliability of mechatronics, the team at Design Central has the know-how and experience to deliver exceptional results. Our engineers are well-versed in the complex and integrated systems that make up the world of robotics. We’ve worked on projects that span from industrial automation to consumer, medical, commercial and autonomous applications. Our team can take the reigns on the software and firmware development, too. With multiple rounds of testing and through our prototyping processes—including breadboard modeling, proof-of-concept prototypes, functional models and engineering prototypes—we deliver on high-performing mechatronic systems that complete the task at hand with ease.

  • Commercial
  • Consumer
  • Healthcare
  • Product Design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping

Objective: Conceptualize high-performing robotics systems of varying scales for clients across the consumer, medical, commercial and autonomous fields.

Helping clients demonstrate the possibilities of automation

Whether you work for a large organization or you’re an entrepreneur with a robotics-related idea, you often have multiple reasons to ensure that idea can be automated. Perhaps you need to prove out the concept to a leadership team so the project can move forward. You might be hoping to raise money through grants, angel investments or other funding sources. Or maybe you simply need to know: Is this viable? No matter your field, we can create the prototypes and demonstration models to help you answer that question, raise that money and prove that your concept will positively benefit your company.

Lessening the waste + easing the burden of medication administration

Our experience in automation is illustrated in many examples, including in our successful work with Artromick. The medical supplies company was looking to reduce the waste involved in medication administration. Most state laws require that once a medication has been dispensed and labeled, it has to be used by the prescribed patient or destroyed. This results in millions of dollars of waste. Artromick’s idea was to create an automated system for a long-term care facility that could carefully sort and prep any unused medication for nurses to distribute. Our engineers carefully and intricately built the demonstration prototype, appearance model and complete animation of the workings of the system. This eventually helped their team not only prove the electromechanical concept, but also obtain interest from a private equity firm—one that would eventually acquire Artromick.