Enhancing the prototype experience through print

In our continued pursuit of product design and engineering excellence, Design Central is excited to have a UV flatbed printer (the Roland LEF2-300). This cutting-edge tool has genuinely elevated our client's end results. One of the key advantages of this state-of-the-art machine lies in its utilization of UV-cured printing technology. This technology not only ensures that our prints are exceptionally durable and long-lasting but also guarantees a level of quality that meets the high standards our clients expect.

What truly makes the UV flatbed a game-changer for us and, by extension, our clients is its unparalleled versatility. This printer can print on a wide array of materials, accommodating various shapes and sizes, including intricate 3D prototypes. This adaptability means our clients can witness a tangible representation of their designs that feels remarkably close to the final production level. This process in-office expedites our workflow and gives us greater control over the entire product development cycle.

Moreover, the Roland enables us to introduce previously challenging print elements in our prototypes. The capability to print white ink opens new possibilities for design aesthetics. In addition, the ability to incorporate 3D textures and emboss effects using dimensional gloss ink adds a tactile dimension that enriches the overall user experience. Take our Valvolineā„¢ display cases, for example. Designed to support the marketing and sales team, these Restore & Protect piston display cases showcase striking white ink and crisp graphics on acrylic. With the UV printer, Design Central is not just meeting expectations; we are bringing key capabilities in-house, ensuring that our clients receive nothing short of exceptional results.