Durapik releases sustainable flossing tool

Single-use plastics, such as plastic dental flossers, take years to decompose and often end up in our oceans and landfills. Durapik developed an eco-friendly, reusable dental flossing tool and biodegradable, natural floss to reduce waste and help everyone have healthy gums. Durapik had already launched a successful Kickstarter campaign when it came to Design Central for help improving the fastening system of its 100% plastic-free flossing tool. We loved the opportunity to partner with the self-proclaimed eco-warriors to help you help the environment. The goal was to improve the ergonomics of installing floss in the dental pick and ensure that floss stays taut during use. The process started with our engineers, who brainstormed mechanical solutions for a new floss connection. Trial and error revealed that the best solution contained no moving parts. So our designers focused on creating concepts for an alternative fastening system with shapes integrated into the tool that the floss wraps around for easier use.

In addition, our designers helped improve the hidden toothpick design by changing its traditional shape to a blade form and adding a user-friendly texture to the handle. Our team also designed the reusable Durapik travel case, made of natural hemp, with a durable waterproof inner liner to store the Durapik kit.

Durapik’s recycled, surgical-grade stainless steel dental flossing tool is reusable and eco-friendly and allows consumers to stay healthy sustainably. New orders ship in June 2021. See the new Durapik here: https://durapik.co/

Image credit: Durapik